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Writing essays is an integral part of a student’s academic life, right from middle school to college. As a student, you need to have the necessary essay writing skills, irrespective of your level of education to proceed to the next level. Nevertheless, essay writing isn’t always a simple task, as it requires hours of research and borrowing ideas from different authors. Referencing someone’s work without giving credit, however, amounts to plagiarism.  

Whether intentional or accidental, the ramifications of plagiarism in academic writing are grave, and no one is immune. Unsurprisingly, “how to check my essay for plagiarism free” and “how to check essay for grammatical errors” are some of the most searched phrases on Google and other leading search engines. Fortunately, our how to check my essay for errors for free tool can identify and correct accidental plagiarism in your essays before handing them in.

Plagiarism being one of the most punishable transgressions in the academic world, what are the consequences of handing in a plagiarized essay? 

Consequences of Submitting Plagiarized Essays

Destroyed student reputation. Referencing someone else’s work without giving credit can destroy your reputation as a student, and even cause them to be suspended or expelled. Some schools even go further to include plagiarism footnotes on the student’s records reflecting this offense. 

Destroyed academic reputation. If you are a professor who engages in academic publications, the allegations and consequences of plagiarism can forever ruin your career. Losing the ability to conduct research and publish your research papers could end your career in disgrace.

How to Check Your Essay for Plagiarism Using Our Tool

Our how to check essay for plagiarism checker is one of the easiest to use on the market. The simple user interface does not require you to have any technical knowledge. If you are looking for ways on how to check if your essay is good using our tool, simply follow these easy steps;

  1. Start by visiting our website.
  2. Copy your essay from your original document and paste it into the blank editor.
  3. Click the “Check Plagiarism” button and wait for a few seconds.
  4. Our thesis paper checker will crawl through your essay compare, it to academic databases and published work, and highlight all the plagiarized sections. Along with checking plagiarism, our essay grader for teachers will also highlight any spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.
  5. Click on the mistakes and use synonym suggestions as needed.

Additional Features of Our Essay Improver Online Free Tool

how to check essay for plagiarism

Looking for a website that grades your essay and more? You have come to the right place. Along with helping you catch accidental plagiarism, our online tool features several other functionalities, making it an all-rounded editing and proofreading tool.  

Here are some of these auxiliary functionalities that you can take advantage of

  • Grammar Checker

In the entire essay writing lifecycle, the writing part is usually the easiest. The real legwork begins when trying to perfect your grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation. Whenever you need to edit your grammar and punctuation, our rate my essay online tool will help make the editing and proofreading process painless. It will polish all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, letting your essay ideas shine instead of your mistakes.

  • Readability Checker

Vague and complicated sentences can negatively affect the readability of your essays. With reduced readability emerges the challenge of readers understanding what you are trying to communicate.  Our website that grades essays will crawl through essays to highlight vague and complicated sentences in your texts, as well as discern wordy phrases, tautologies, and & redundant terminologies. After that, it will offer alternative word suggestions,  ultimately improving the readability of your work.

  • Passive Voice Checker

Writing sentences in a passive voice means that the subject is being acted upon instead of doing the acting. In academic writing, passive voice is mainly avoided because it makes sentences complicated, unclear, and needlessly longer. Whilst there’s nothing grammatically wrong with using passive voice, you should always strive to hit less than 2% passive voice in your essays. Fortunately, our how to evaluate in an essay grader online can help you with that.

  • College Essay Grader

Sitting down somewhere and wondering to yourself  ‘”how do I rate my college essay?” or even looking for sneaky ways of how to get good grades essay tips? You don’t have to. Our tool will help you identify stylistic and structural mistakes in your essays, you may use it also as a research paper plagiarism checker and thus improve your writing skills.

  • Plagiarism Checker

Probably the hallmark of how to check percentage of my essay for originality tool is its plagiarism detection aptness. It crawls through your essays and compares them against billions of web pages and academic databases to detect plagiarism. Our Premium version also highlights sentences that require citations, as well as redirects you to the resources needed to properly cite your sources.

Tips on How to Write a Great Essays

how to check your essay for plagiarism

As you probably know by now, an essay is the best measuring yardstick to assess a student’s critical thinking and their ability to put what they’ve learned in class in written form. In this section, we are going to cover some key considerations to factor in when writing your essays.

  • Critically Analyze the Question

Essays generally try to respond to specific questions. As such, the first step to writing a great essay is to dissect the question to ensure you understand what is being asked of you.

  • Define Your Argument

The second step toward writing a great essay is clearly defining your argument. For this, you need to take an informed point of view on the topic in question, define your argument, and present it as succinctly as possible. And to get readers on your side of the argument, you need to use reasoning, supported by evidence.

  • Organize Your Essay

An essay comprises three primary components. The introduction, the body, and a conclusion. Ensure that your essay features all these components. 

  • Write Clearly

An evidence-supported essay can only receive good grades if it’s written clearly and concisely. This clarity can only be achieved by careful editing and proofreading of your essays to eliminate all the mistakes. Want to know how to check if your essay has double spaces? Our grammar editing tool will help you catch all types of grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes in your essays.

  • Cite Your Evidence and Sources 

You also need to ensure that your essays are properly cited. Some universities require you to use particular citation styles (e.g. Michigan), while others allow students to use their preferred style. 

  • Check for Plagiarism

Last but certainly not least, you need to ensure that your essays are not copied word by word from other sources. How can I check my dissertation for plagiarism? You may be wondering… our advanced online plagiarism checker can help you catch intentional and accidental plagiarism before handing in your essay.

Try our all-in-one plagiarism checker and essay grader to make your writing more effective!