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As a college student, you need to possess several prerequisite skills to qualify for your course. One such skill entails writing well-researched and coherent essays. Unfortunately, not every student has the innate ability to curate a good essay, despite having excellent research skills. If you fall into this category that requires little assistance, our essay grader online tool will come in handy. Along with that, if you are wondering how to check essay for plagiarism, our tool will crawl through your texts to identify accidental or intentional plagiarism before handing it in. By identifying mistakes and plagiarism in advance, you also make the grading process easy for your teachers, which can go a long way towards improving your overall grade.

More about how this essay grader for students free tool can help. For now, let’s take a look at the parameters used to grade an essay. Shall we?

Essay Grading Requirements

As a student, receiving feedback from your teacher on your essay can be frustrating. Worse still, the back and forth correcting mistakes in your texts can be time-consuming, making it almost impossible to concentrate on other subjects. 

To help you avoid some of these mistakes, we have compiled a list of parameters that teachers and professors use to grade essays.

essay grammar checker
  • Thesis statement. The thesis statement is the hallmark of any essay. Basically, it’s a sentence that helps convey the main point in an essay, as well as its purpose. Ideally, the thesis statement should be incorporated in the introduction, and it should clarify how the different points in an essay are logically related.
  • Organization. A good essay should be unified, well organized, and tie all the ideas together. Still, each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence and an offshoot statement of the primary point of the paragraph. 
  • Idea development and support. How well you support your argument with facts and statistics can also affect your final essay grade. As such, every claim you make in your work needs to be supported with multiple pieces of specific evidence. 
  • Insight into the subject. Sometimes students tend to write well-organized essays, but fail to extrapolate more on the subject. As you develop more and more ideas, you should try and interpret them in line with your thesis statement. While at it, also ensure that your writing is clear, concise, and straight to the point. If any part of your essay appears unclear to you, chances are it will confuse the readers.
  • Grammar. Another important aspect that teachers and professors use to grade a paper is grammar. If your essay is littered with grammar and punctuation mistakes, the chances of scoring low grades increase significantly. Luckily, our essay checker and grader can help identify a myriad of grammar-related mistakes and offer the most appropriate suggestion.

Advantages of Using an Essay Checker and Corrector vs Manual Grading 

There are multiple advantages of using our essay grader free tool compared to manual editing. Some of them include:

  • Learning opportunity. If you are a slow learner, it can be challenging to master the art of essay writing.  Unlike manual editing, our college essay rater conducts automatic grammar and punctuation checks, as well as provides the appropriate suggestions, providing you the opportunity to learn.
  • Deep search and insights. When editing and proofreading your essays, some mistakes may escape the human eye. With our free essay grader for students, however, it becomes easier to identify even the minute mistakes, so you can rest easy knowing that your texts are free from mistakes.
  • Saves time. More than often, students have to juggle in between lessons, leaving them with little or no time to handle other things like editing midterm essays. By using an argumentative essay grader, you can save a lot of time and redirect your energy toward preparing for the final exams. 

Manual Editing:

As earlier indicated, writing an essay is the easiest part. The uphill task begins when editing and proofreading. Worse still, you may be required to edit and proofread your work more than once, ultimately leading to time wastage. With our automatic essay grader, you can significantly reduce the amount taken to edit and proofread your essays. 

Another demerit of manual editing is that it overly exposes your brain and eyes to your work, making it hard to identify small mistakes in your essays. Our free automatic essay grader uses advanced AI technology and English grammar rules to pick mistakes, making it super-accurate.

Helpful Features of Our Essay Grader

You probably came here after typing the phrase “score my essay” on Google. The good thing about our tool is that it does much more than grade your essays. Here are the other auxiliary editing and features that you can take advantage of. 

  • Essay Grammar Checker

Handing in your essay without proper proofreading and editing can leave a bad impression on your readers and even lead to bad grades. Our essay evaluator online tool will help you hand in premium-quality essays even if you aren’t a native English speaker.

  • Passive and Active Voice Checker

Using passive voice in your essay can make it bland and indirect. Active voice, on the other hand, makes sentences clear and direct. With the help of our narrative essay checker, you can strike the perfect balance between passive and active voice usage in your essays, giving them coherence and good flow.   

  • Plagiarism Checker

Whether intentionally or accidentally, using someone else’s work without attribution amounts to plagiarism. As a student, plagiarism can have serious consequences including but not limited to academic probation, failing grades, or even expulsion. Fortunately, our college application essay grader can detect plagiarism from academic databases and billions of web pages.

Common Mistakes Students Make When Writing Essays

Students tend to make a myriad of mistakes before finally mastering the art of essay writing. Some of these mistakes include;

  • Spelling mistakes. Many students tend to make spelling mistakes by using incorrect homophones such as “rite,” “right,” and “write.” 
  • Sentence fragments. Another common mistake when writing essays is sentence fragment formation. Basically, a sentence fragment occurs when a sentence is missing a verb or a subject. Luckily our essay punctuation checker can help add a subject or verb to your sentence fragments, as needed.
  • Run-on sentences. Run-on sentences occur when two or more independent clauses are joined together without the appropriate punctuation. Our grade my essays tool can help identify and rectify run-on sentences in your essays.
  • Wordiness. A sentence is considered wordy if it uses more words than needed to convey a message. It often makes your essays unclear and affects their logical flow. Our tool will help identify long phrases in your texts and replace them with the most appropriate synonyms.

Try our essay grader today and make your writing more effective!