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What Is a Paper Grader Online Tool?

An online grader is a web-based software platform that can detect and fix a range of mistakes related to grammar, spelling, sentence structures, word choice, sentence fragments, punctuation, active and passive voices, and many others. A professional-grade research paper grader online platform can also check the tone of the paper and any plagiarized text in your writings perfectly. These online paper rater tools are also available in freemium and premium versions with additional features and capabilities to provide comprehensive writing support to a large range of users simultaneously.  

Who May Benefit from Online Easy Grader and How?

Our paper grader online free platform is highly beneficial for numerous types of writers and professionals that deal with different types of writings such as research papers, market analysis, emails & letters, contracts and agreements, academic research, blogs, online technical and marketing content, business communication, news reports, fictions, and many others. A few major professions that can benefit from our paper essay reviewer include:


Students of different classes, colleges, levels, and degrees can benefit the most from our online grader due to its availability in freemium version, ability to detect a wide range of issues, help for the students to learn from their mistakes, option to use the tool repetitively for unlimited numbers and many others.  


Our easy grader for teachers online platform is a perfect option for teachers to benefit from by checking students’ papers for mistakes and quality, verifying different referencing and writing standards, detecting any kinds of plagiarized text, assessing the tone of the writing and the objectives of the academic papers.


The most common ways for the journalist to benefit from our easy grader online tool include checking headings and subheadings in different writing styles and standards, tracking for any kinds of plagiarized text, verifying of correctness of spelling and punctuation, and scanning for any grammatical issues in news reports.

Other Authors

The other writers that can benefit from our online grading platform include technical, web content, marketing, and business writers and bloggers. They can check for content effectiveness, plagiarized text, grammatical mistakes, word choice, sentence structure, fluency in paragraphs, and many other issues in their respective writings.

How Can Our Online Essay Grader Assist You in Improving Papers?

Our online paper grader for students and other types of writers is a very feature-rich and efficient platform that can help a range of researchers and authors. It is available for free in the basic version with an unlimited number of checks to conduct at any time and from anywhere in the world. The advanced version of our free online easy grader is also available for a very reasonable price. Our online tool offers top supports such as:

  • Thoroughly checks for grammatical mistakes such as pronoun, adverb, noun, verb, adjective, and other parts of speech errors and provides corrective suggestions to resolve those issues;
  • Detects a range of sentence issues such as fragments, run-ons, tense shifts, incomplete comparisons, and many others;
  • Finds and fixes active and passive voice misuses and prepositional phrase mistakes;
  • Comprehensively checks punctuation problems in your text and provides corrective solutions to address those problems;
  • Scans and corrects spelling mistakes in the light of different writing standards and versions of the English language used across the world;
  • Our online tool also acts as a plagiarism checker for research papers and other writings by comparing plagiarized text with online content;
  • Detects the tone of your writings is another very important support offered by our college paper grader for free online platform;
  • Identifies other quality-related issues such as the right choice of words, paragraph shifts, and professional writing standard non-compliance and provision of suitable corrective suggestions is also one of the major assistance provided by our research paper reviewer.

Top Capabilities of Our Essay Grader Online Platform

Our free online easy grader platform is a highly feature-rich and proficient application that can offer a range of capabilities such as:

Grammar Mistakes

The detection and correction of a range of grammatical errors such as noun vs pronoun replacement, verb-subject disagreement, misuse of apostrophe, antecedents, similar word mixing, and many others are one of the most fundamental abilities of our online tool.

Sentence Correction

Our online tool can find different issues such as sentence fragments, run-ons, comma splices, and other mistakes and provide the right suggestions to resolve those errors in the sentences to make them look professional instantly.

Spelling Mistakes

Writers make numerous errors in spelling due to homonym issues such as homophone and homograph words, which are so confusing for the writers. Different language versions and writing standards also contribute to this problem, which is properly solved by our tool.

Punctuation Issues

Easy grader can provide a range of solutions to the punctuation problems such as misuse of commas, incorrect placement of semicolon and colon, missing punctuation marks, excessive use of exclamation marks, incorrect position of question marks and periods.

Plagiarism Detection

Detecting plagiarized text in your writings by comparing it with the online published content instantly and accurately is another major ability of our online essay grader tool. It helps you avert the repercussions of this morally and legally outlawed practice without any confusion.

Tone Detection

To make your writing more effective in line with the desired objectives and goals, our online platform helps you detect the tone of your text to make it more valuable and productive in achieving the desired goals of your piece of text or written communication.

How Does Online Paper Grader Process Work?

Step 01: Copy and paste the desired text into the given widget on the page

Step 02: Click “check my text” button to check errors in the paper automatically

Step 03: Review the mistakes and fix the errors through suggestive options

Top Benefits of Using Easy Online Grader

Our online essay rating tool offers numerous benefits that result high-quality work, writing productivity and work efficiency simultaneously, such as:

Saves Time

One of the most important benefits of using our highly capable, easy grader online platform saves you valuable time and cost. You can use our platform for free in the basic version, which saves you substantial costs because you don’t need to pay any fee. You can access and use our online paper rating tool round the clock to achieve instant results that save you valuable time in different situations of your writing projects.  

Instant analysis

The users of our online easy grader web platform can benefit from its feature of checking a range of research papers or any other kinds of pieces of texts instantly and provide you with a comprehensive insight into the writing issues of your work without any long waiting queues. You not only get instant details of your text but also the most suitable solution to the issues in your writing simultaneously.


You can achieve a high-grade of accuracy by using our paper checker online application. Better precision in the results of our online research paper reviewer offers you the option to rely on it fully. The accuracy provided by our online platform is no second to any other specialized paper checking online platform. Our online services are highly reliable, and you can use them for any kind of writing with full confidence without any hesitation.

24×7 Availability

Our online tool is hosted on highly professional and reliable cloud-based resources of prominent providers that offer more than 99.999% uptime without any interruptions. Thus, you enjoy the full opportunity to use our online paper rater at any time without any disturbance. You can assess it through a supported web browser around the clock from anywhere.

Range of Issue Correction

Another important benefit it offers to you is the detection and correction of a wide range of problems in your writings so that they look highly proficient, attractive, and awesome. Our platform can find and fix grammatical mistakes, sentence structure issues, misuse of active and passive voice, prepositions, tense shifts, paragraph shift, nouns, pronouns, and other parts of speech, along with spelling, the right word choice, and other domains of grammar.

Additional Features

Other than the core capabilities of our online platform, it offers additional benefits by providing numerous miscellaneous features that make your writing experience great and satisfactory. Among such features associated with other benefits include detecting plagiarized text, estimating the effectiveness of your content through text tone capability, and providing you with the options to enhance your editing and proofreading skills.

If you are looking to make your writing more effective and professional, try our online grader to enhance the quality and class of your paper now!